Cancer Surpasses Heart Disease as the Leading Cause of Death in California and 21 Other States

According to a recent report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death in California and 21 other states.  

That total is in stark contrast to the situation at the start of this century, when only two states, Alaska and Minnesota, lost more people to cancer than heart disease and it’s a huge departure from the situation in the 1950s, when the number of heart disease deaths was 2½ times bigger than the number of cancer fatalities. 

Nationwide, heart disease still edges out cancer as the top killer of Americans.  The CDC reported that in 2014, 614,348 U.S. residents died of heart disease, compared with 591,699 who succumbed to cancer.  That gap is small, but it was even smaller in 2012.  Demographers predicted that cancer would overtake heart disease within a few years.  

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